Latest Man Utd Takeover: Thomas Zilliacus, a popular Finnish businessman, has announced the submission of a Club proposal.

Thomas Zilliacus announced that he had submitted a bid to purchase Manchester United. Zilliiacus wants to buy half of Manchester United, and the fans own the club’s other half, so the fans will be on the decision-making committee.
However, Sir Jim Ratcliff, owner of Ineos, put in his bid on Thursday and submitted his proposal to buy the club after the Wednesday misunderstanding and due date.
Furthermore, parties interested in bidding must submit their proposals by Wednesday at 21:00 GMT. Later on, Thursday, a member of Ineos mentioned that Ineos and Ratcliff had submitted the revised proposal, which is confirmed. However, Zilliacus has yet to announce his bid; only Qatari banker Sheikh Jassim and Ratcliff were announced publicly as having submitted bids.
While submitting the bid, Zilliacus mentioned that the sports club and the half-club owner are his fans, and my proposals are based on equality with my fans.
Also, Zilliacus stated;
“The latest news is the club’s new owner will be Shaikh Jassim, a Qatari Banker, and the oligarchs will now have the club owner as their personal property. That is not right at all.”
By member “According to recent valuations, the club is worth nearly $3.9 billion.”This means that in case every member of the fan club contributes to the purchase, the total amount of the club per fan is $6.”
“He mentioned that to take hold, will pay half the amount so my organisation will pay the half amount .Also, he discussed it with fans, who will contribute the remaining amount through a new business organisation formed for this purpose.”
“However, if every member takes part, then the amount will be almost $3 or might be lower than this..”
“Also, he wants every fan to be part of discussions and discuss their opinions; he decides to give them application access so they can cast their cost and participate in discussion when discussing the football issues regarding the club.
Also, a US-based organization, Elliott, has submitted a proposal to buy only a small stake, regardless of who will be the club owner.
Zilliacus was an HJK Helsinki and Jokerit ice hockey player; Zilliacue was the owner and chairman of a social media group called “novaGM.”
Zilliacue wants to purchase United via XXI Century Capital, an investment organization owned by Zilliacue’s holding company.