London Museum is in Indian Hands now

The ministry of external affairs has written to the Government of Maharashtra that the London museum is one of the iconic structures that was built by the Britishers in India and this Museum should now be handled by an autonomous body. This particular Museum has been dedicated to Dr BR Ambedkar who has been one of the most important persons in the drafting of the Indian Constitution over the period of time. It is important to understand that he has played an incredible role in motivating all the people for the removal of the caste system and all of his achievements have been preserved in the museum and this is one of the most iconic structures in the country which has a lot of historical relevance.

It is important to understand that until now this particular Museum was under the control of the Britishers but but after the recent agreement has been signed between the Indian Government and the British government the ownership of this particular Museum has been transferred to the Indian government which has all together transferred the maintenance of this particular museum to none other the government of Maharashtra. The ministry of external affairs basically wants this Museum to be converted into something which is much larger and at the same point of time open to public access. It was in 1921 that this particular building was dedicated to celebrate the important achievement of Scholars and this was a proud movement for India at that point of time because the maximum number of writings belong to none other than but doctor BR Ambedkar.

This particular building was inaugurated in 2015 and this entire building has been divided into different parts of the period of time. The basement is completely dedicated to black and white photographs in which some important moments have been captured which play a strategic role in the history. Not only this but also the second part of this particular place has been completely dedicated to some important documents that basically showcase the important progress that Indian literature made at that point of time. The valuation of this particular Museum is more than 1.5 billion crores and this is likely to increase as this will become a public place in the time to come. It is important to understand that the level of growth that has been made by the Indian architecture over the period of time has been incredible and all of the credit goes to the efforts made by the Ministries over the people of time to boost the historic monuments of the country.

This particular attempt to take over the management of this Museum will definitely help to discuss the important ways with the help of which Indians could take out value from this entire transaction and also grow with the passage of time. This is something which has got its own relevance and importance over the period of time. The President of the United Nations General Assembly has also appreciated Indians for taking their rich culture and heritage over the years.