Luxury Automobiles Worth More Than 700,000 Pounds Are Stolen in the UK

In less than 60 seconds, thieves made their way out of a compound with automobiles valued £700,000. And so it was. Thieves smashed through the front gate on Brentwood Road in Bulphan hamlet, close to Thurrock borough, Essex county, England, just after midnight on November 11. Later, the lovely autos were observed being driven away by the robbers. A CCTV camera placed outside the compound captured the whole crime, providing a bird’s-eye view of the grand theft.

Five high-end vehicles worth more than 700,000 pounds were taken in less than 60 seconds, prompting a call for help from British police.

One guy can be seen opening the gate at the start of the video and quickly hopping into a rare Ariel Atom open-wheeled vehicle. Another one steps in to help, keeping the gate open while the others flee. The Ariel Atom, with a starting price of £60,000, is the first to fly past the entrance. The Mercedes G-Wagon, which costs £120,275, comes next. Then, a Porsche Cayennes and a vintage, £90,000 white and black Porsche 911 Carrera are spotted speeding by. The most expensive vehicle, a Mercedes Maybach valued at £150,000, makes a final push. Before one can stop marvelling at the achievement performed in the video, £700,000 worth of automobiles have already accelerated.

Five expensive and collectible vehicles, including a Porsche and an Ariel Atom, were taken from the Bulphan industrial estate in Essex, UK, and were valued at $700,000. CCTV footage of the brazen theft shows that it took place on November 11 and that the automobiles were quickly and readily taken.

The robbers are shown taking the pricey automobiles in less than 60 seconds in the 1-minute, 15-second footage, which was posted on the Essex Police Twitter account. Later, it was observed that the robbers were driving away in the extremely magnificent automobiles. A camera placed in the commercial space recorded the whole crime and gave a bird’s-eye view of the egregious automobile theft.

The description for the video that the Essex Police posted states, “We are looking into the theft of several high-end vehicles from a Bulphan, Thailand, apartment on Brentwood Road on November 11. Did you notice anything unusual? If so, get in touch with us.”

WalesOnline claims that around 4.44 in the morning on that particular night, a Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG 4matic, a Porsche Cayenne, a Porsche 911 Carrera, and a Mercedes Maybach were all stolen. Later that morning, police were summoned to the location.

“Having located the Mercedes Maybach, the authorities are still looking for the criminals. They are pleading with anyone with dashcam or CCTV evidence who saw the theft to come forward “The story went on to explain.