Man arrested in Pune for handling drugs

The anti-narcotics department of Pune has finally been able to recover drugs worth rupees 36 lakhs from a man who was using three mobile phones and 3 cars in order to transport the drugs from one place to another. It is important to note that various kinds of contraband substances were recovered from this man and the police had finally taken him into custody and launched the investigations in order to note the sources from which all of this came. According to the sources all the investigations and interrogations are being followed for the time being in order to understand his connections and all other people in Pune who are associated in this drug racket for a long period of time now.. This particular substances act will definitely help to take into account all of the illegal activities in the Contraband substances which has become one of the most important sources of money laundering. The police was in the position to recover all of the drugs after it received a tip from an unknown source and this particular source from where the tip was received has not been disclosed.

The total valuation of the recovered drugs is more than 35 lakhs and this has been for the second time that such a confiscation has taken place. It is important to understand that the crystallization of the drugs and other commodities has become very common in Pune and the police were already after this entire Racket so that all of them could be taken behind the bars as soon as possible. According to the sources 20 grams of white crystal and 80 grams of Brown crystal along with many weighing machines have been recovered this time. It is only with the help of all of these possibilities that it has become possible to ensure a better growth over the period of time. This situation in Pune is completely out of control for the simple reason that these culprits have taken into account all the young generation and this is very dangerous for the future of Maharashtra as a whole. The network of these peddlers is spread across not only Pune but also other parts of Maharashtra and it has to be cracked down.

It is definitely important for the protection of the entire state of Maharashtra because if it is not controlled automatically it will be very dangerous for the future because the youngsters are the future of tomorrow and if they are indulged in all these activities then it will be very difficult for the nation as a whole to prosper. This is important for the long term success of the country as a whole and it will definitely try to monitor the level of growth over the period of time. The government is making every possible effort in order to prevent such activity so that the future of the nation can be protected completely.