Mega Textile Parks are all set to come in 7 states of India

India is moving fast toward the development stage. The textile sector in the country will now get more advanced after the introduction of mega textile parks. PM Modi announced the setting up of mega textile parks in the textile field in 7 states of India.
The PM said that this step was necessary to develop the textile sector of the nation. PM MITRA mega Textile Park will be introduced in 7 states of India including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, UP, MP, Telangana, and Maharashtra.
Tweet by PM Modi
It’s been just a few hours since PM Modi took to Twitter to share this news with the country. He stated these textile parks will improve the working in the textile sector along with the 5F vision. 5F stands for Farm, Fiber, Factory, Fashion, and Foreign.
In his tweet, the PM also stated that mega textile parks will act as solid infrastructure for the textile sector. He added that these mega textile parks will generate numerous jobs in the country and attract investment. It is one of the best examples of the Make In India concept.
Huge investment by the Indian Government
Ministry of Textiles stated that a large investment of around 1535 crore has been made in various textile industries. The Indian government has started PLI schemes to improve exports in India and help Indian manufacturers to stay ahead in the competition.
Indian Government has invested around INR 10,683 crore in the textile sector to stay at the top and expand the sector. Online applications for PLI schemes were sent through the portal. 64 applicants are selected from the full list. The total amount spent on developing PM Mitra parks is around INR 4,445 crore.
Both state and central governments are in talks regarding the proposals for the scheme. Guidelines are published and invitations are sent. Until now, 18 proposals are received from around 13 states according to the statement of the ministry.