Naseerudin Shah is against his career now

A very controversial statement has been issued by the famous Indian actor Naseerudin Shah. In a recent interview he has expressed that despite being a Bollywood celebrity he does not want to be surrounded by the media and the people all the time because he wants to maintain privacy in his life to the maximum possible extent and he can go to any extent for this purpose. It is important to note that he has also admitted that all the trophies that he has won over the period of time do not hold any value because he only uses these trophies in order to decorate his door handles and these trophies have no other utility for him because the only depict the situations in which he was at his lowest despite achieving a lot of success in the Bollywood. He also said that he wants to live at his farmhouse because that gives him the kind of peace that he is looking for in his life after enjoying Stardom for such a long period of time. He had gone to different places in order to collect his awards but the most important reason due to which he worked hard was to make his parents proud. It is also important to understand that he does not want to be a fool and pass the feelings of negativity and unnecessary competition to his younger generation.

He has been a famous actor over the period of time but to be he wants to live his life in a way so that his children respect him and also learn the right way to live his life because according to him this social media and stardom is only a matter of few days but what is going to be in the long term is the person’s capacity to accept the challenges thrown by life. According to him he has always maintained a cap between his professional life and his personal life. He does not want to regret anything that he has done but he always wanted to communicate with his father which was not possible due to his excessive work commitments over the period of time. He does not want any kind of flattery at this age and he wants to face the world as it is. It does not even fear being judged. It is only with the collective support of his family that he was able to find a life for himself despite being so busy but he has learnt a lot and now he wants to work for his family and spend a lot of time with them so that he does not have to regulate anything.

The level of maturity which could be understood with the help of all of these statements can help to velaies the different problems that a man can face in his life as he is working to make his career. It is only with the help of the people that it becomes easier to get all the possible success in life. He has already taken this into considerationm