Never consume milk and fruits together, and it can be fatal.

People like to drink milk while eating fruits and think it benefits their health. Many people like Banana Shakes, Mango Shakes, and Strawberry Shakes; there are many such shakes in which they consume milk by adding milk, now the demand for such shakes is going to increase a lot during summer, people drink them fondly, and they have a desire in their mind. It comes to the point that we are consuming milk and fruits, which are healthy for us, but they are wrong somewhere and are playing with our health. In our house, too, we consume many types of fruits and milk.

Many times in our house, our elders or those who are educated tell us that if you have drunk milk, then immediately after that, you should not eat any sour thing like lemon, orange, or grapes; why did they say so? So the reason behind this is that taking fruits with milk starts becoming toxic inside the body. If you agree with the Ayurveda experts, lemon and orange with milk, their citric acid mixes with the milk, and it again harms us.

Shouldn’t any fruit be eaten with milk?

Doctors believe that we should not consume any fruit with milk, especially strawberries; we should never drink milk because it directly damages our digestive system, which is the central part of our body that helps digest food and drink. Even if we consume milk directly with banana shakes or bananas, no matter how ripe the banana is, if we consume it with milk, it will go into the body and create a dangerous acid in our stomach. That acid is very harmful to our health.

Can I have milk with ripe mangoes?

Mango is also known as the king of fruits; if mangoes are naturally ripe and very sweet, then you can consume them with milk, but the risk of danger to your health is increasing because the ones you buy in the market Mangoes are brought from India, they are healthy in appearance and very sweet to eat, but they are cooked with the help of medicines, that is, they are not ripened naturally, and there is the acid in them. If both acid and milk are mixed, it can do a lot of harm to your health. Doctors say that whatever fresh fruits are there, they are considered to be digested quickly compared to other food; if you eat fruit in your lunch or dinner, it remains in the stomach until the whole food is digested. But if you eat fruits or fruits 1 hour before dinner, all your fruits will get stuck by the time of dinner.

Therefore, if you want to consume fruit shakes in summer, then it will be better for you to do without milk, and you can drink the fruit mixer directly; that too will be much better for your health because milk it By reacting, you can harm your health and the doctor has also strongly forbidden to do so.