Off in the state of Punjab

The government of Punjab had made a recent announcement according to which this particular ministry will be putting to question over the period of time and all of this has been made conversion with the passage of time to a great extent because Nobody’s in the position to understand that why all of this has been taking place but with the help of proper devotion every thing has become twisting clear and it is only with the help of all of these airports that things have been moving in the right direction so far but according to the latest sources it has even if the rainfall is no longer happening with the bottle level of the different types of rivers I increased be on the safety stands in that is why the water has come to the villages and most of the regions of failed with water due to which the local activities cannot be performed properly at all of this has been happening due to the reason that the dams have been broken in the recent incidence that took place and this has been able to shock the incidence of the entire nation to a great extend. Even despite so many years of Independence Day not been in the position to provide a better level of disaster management system in a country and all of this has been taking place of the government in custody. It takes a lot of time to a comedy these changes one by one but if the government has been thinking of making any kind of improvement in this is the time and in order to hide up its in efficiencies it has decided to declare a holiday up till 26 August for multiple schools and colleges.

It goes without saying that people have always admitted to the best possible kind of incidences and nothing can be done without it because if people do realise all of these activities then this is going to make lose sense out of all of this and people have to understand this particular is big that they have to comply with the directions of the government otherwise a will be stuck in multiple issues which will be on the level of control and that will not be any since for lot of people because of the simple reason that people definitely want a greater amount of control over the period of time and this about the government government has been thinking about the safety of the people to a greetings in mental analysisteet can be third it will not be possible for the people to a permit it all of this easily. It is going to make a lot of since for the people if the actually go according to the timing given by the government because that is the post particular force that taken follow at this particular point of time because things have not been that easy for them the automatically it goes without saying that it is the best possible output.

This is going to become tomato of concern for a lot of people and this is definitely something which has to be taken for auditing the government is definitely thinking wave to the developed some prominence the reason to all of these activities so that if any of these kind of activities repeat then self in the future the already have a solution to this and they do not have to put the education and the transportation to Vault for a great Britain of time because it is definitely or suitable for the state to be on a stand still long division of time without any reason