Pakistan was seen doing politics on Article 370

At present, Pakistan is considering its economic condition to be very weak. Its financial situation has become so soft that the needs system of its country is going down, even though there is currently no Prime Minister. Such a meeting was closed there, after which Anwar took over as the caretaker Prime Minister. After this, he has given many such statements which are against India, but he is continuously speaking against Indian politics. They have been seen, and in this way, now they have nothing left based on which they can maintain their dominance. Like always, Pakistan has reached its lowest level, and if it continues to do this kind of politics, then in the future, Many changes will be seen taking place inside the country, too, and no one will support them.

He spoke against India and the Supreme Court of India, saying that it is a court that runs entirely on political issues and is run by politics, and that is why. Later, Article 370 was removed from Jammu and Kashmir. Still, even after the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, he is seen opposing it because Kashmir is only his, and India is occupying it. One day, it will capture Kashmir. He will also make full efforts for this; he is continuously working on it, and Pakistan always does this kind of politics, although all the elections are to be held inside Pakistan, and even after the elections, a new Prime Minister will be elected there. How will he take politics forward, and the future relations with India also depend on this?

Pakistan claims Jammu and Kashmir as its land.

Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister has also said that Jammu and Kashmir are only his and India has no right to Jammu and Kashmir. He will be able to define it very quickly because Jammu and Kashmir are inside his veins, and Article They will make every possible effort to remove Article 370. In this way, they are taking anything in our country to their side, and this doesn’t seem right at all, although the biggest issue between India and Pakistan is regarding Jammu and Kashmir. This is because India comes to Jammu and Kashmir from its side, but Pakistan continuously opposes it. They constantly make war strategies on this, and all the wars that have taken place till now have been on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir because it is a conflict between the two countries. There is a place in India that both countries are trying to take on their side.

Pakistan will never want to do any war strategy with India again because, in all the wars that have taken place between India and Pakistan till now, India has always been able to win and very rarely at one time. In this way, even with the soldiers, India had changed the outcome of the war in its favor. Similarly, the population of Pakistan is also in the past; Pakistan still needs to have all the technology available based on which it can carry out the war strategy with India. They can prepare themselves, and the situation there is very bad. The economy there has decreased significantly, so they should not make so much effort. If they extend the hand of friendship with India, then India is ready for them. And otherwise, he should not consider India weak at all.