Pakistan’s politicians blame Afghanistan for terrorism.

At present, there is a very different atmosphere inside Pakistan. The politics of Pakistan is also visible there in a very other way, and Pakistan has continuously discussed many things while debating on its neighboring country, Afghanistan. He has also said that the future of Afghanistan has worsened the situation in his country, where, at present, the Taliban is entirely in control of Afghanistan; the Taliban is seen continuously updating its system from there, all the things that Pakistan has done. This is terrorism. It comes through Afghanistan; this is what Pakistan’s politics has said in full detail. The senior politicians of Pakistan, who will now be seen fighting for the post of Prime Minister in the upcoming elections, have said this in full detail. Afghanistan has played the most significant role in worsening the situation in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s strategy against Afghanistan also seems to be very extreme, and there was a lot of discussion between them about how they tried to bring Afghanistan upwards and the good relations between them and Afghanistan. The relations with Afghanistan as a whole have deteriorated a lot. The situation of both countries is also terrible at this time, and their main effort is to eliminate terrorism from its roots. If it is eradicated from the sources, then it will be a perfect thing for them and the strategy of terrorism is very different, and continuously, all the countries are seen fighting against terrorism. The more terrorism is there, the more it will increase here. They have too many difficulties, and terrorism has significantly destroyed Pakistan.

Terrorists reach Pakistan disguised as Afghanistan.

Pakistani politicians also made a significant allegation that Pakistani terrorists are prepared inside Afghanistan, and after getting prepared from there, they return to Pakistan ultimately, and after coming here, they attack and cause a lot of trouble to the general public. After all, efforts are being made, they will try to make this thing work as much as possible. They will also try to keep this thing as much as possible, and their main effort will be to keep it away. In the upcoming elections, a good Prime Minister will be elected here, after which the people here will feel more secure and fully support Imran Khan to become Prime Minister again.

Both the parties of Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif will be seen face to face there, due to which electoral politics is also being seen in full swing. Both the parties have formed their government there once, even before this. Many of their Prime Ministers have stayed there, but the one who is the brother of Nawaz Sharif is seen contesting the elections there this time. Regarding whether it will be possible for them to examine the polls this time, it has yet to be fully estimated. Still, if some are successful in challenging the votes, then there may be a lot of problems for them in the future, and many may have to see all the changes 20 times a day, for which they will have to be fully prepared, and they will have to be fully active in their politics as well.