Police has limited powers over media

This Supreme Court has shoot a very important judgement according to which it is not possible for the police authorities to take up the power to take away any device such as a phone or a laptop from any person who is known to be somebody who does not know how to do the investigation despite having all the material with him because it is not the power and authority of the police to take such kind of decisions in the long one and this is matter which has to be taken into consideration as soon as possible to 4th is too late because such kind of information will help the police to investigate the case in one or the other point of time but simply because no progress has been made with respect to the investigation does not define the competency of the police officer and the police has got no right to pick away all the information in the phone and laptop of the police officer.

It is only with the help of this kind of classification that a decision can be taken over the period of time that who will be accountable to the police authorities for taking some tough decisions but until an unless some tough decisions are not taken it will not be possible for the people to realise the importance.

It is only with the help of proper understanding that some kind of solution can be developed in the long run but the police cannot take the law in its own hand because even they are guided by the pigments of the constitution and something has to be done about it as soon as possible so that people do not end up missing out on important things and at the same point of time or wrong example is not set before them at any cost because them a lot of things in the long run. Such kind of effort usually do not make up for any of the factor and this is something that people must filze in the long run because collective efforts of the police bring a proper change over the period of time. This statement has been issued after a lot of time was spent investigating some cases that do not make any since over the period of time because the police tri to pay control of all the material which was with the police officers but nothing was done with respect to the investigation and hand because according to the court the police has to divide it functions and not multiply it and let some functions be performed by the media houses only.

This particular judgement has been able to motivate lot of people in the long run and they now completely understand the gravity of their own rights. This awareness we definitely help the people to know that they cannot just get some dude by the authority of the police at any cost and they have the right to fight back and get back to the court of law in the best possible way