President Biden goes to old shrine in Japan

The president of The United States of America has recently gone to Japan in order to attend the G7 Summit. As he goes to Japan he will also take time to visit the 1400 year old shrine that has been built in Hiroshima, the bombing site of nuclear attacks during the Second World War. The White House leaders have confirmed the visit of the president of America to this particular place in Japan. The president of The United States of America will also accompany other leaders of the G7 Summit to this place. This particular Shrine is located on the island of Itsukushima. This particular place is also known as the floating gate of Japan. The leaders will visit this place and will also carry wreaths of flowers at the memorial park in Japan. They will also plant saplings in the garden of hope which is a beautiful part of the Peace Memorial Park located in the proximity of the shrine. This exercise is an important way to build relationships with Japan and also forget the painful history that Japan had to undergo during the time of the Second World War.

Different leaders from Japan such as the Prime Minister and the chief secretary also went to this Memorial along with the president of America. Leaders of the European Union were also seen in this visit to the memorial park and the island. This particular Memorial is very important and a strategic part of the history of Japan. According to the sources it is the only structure which is left in the area after the bomb barding took place during the second world war in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Except this particular area everything else was destroyed permanently as the first atomic bomb blasted the city on 6th August 1945. The structure has got its own significance even after so many years of the Second World War. All the leaders have expressed their opinions to avoid war like situations to the maximum possible extent because it tries to kill the trust of the world at large.

All the leaders from the different countries have come to Japan in order to attend the international forum of the G7 Summit. It is organised annually in order to think of the global issues and the challenges which the world is facing in order to develop solutions which are not only sustainable but also useful for all the developed and developing countries. This group particularly comprises the superpowers of the world. The agenda of the Summit is to think of sustainable development and climate change without compromising the course of economic development of the developing countries. It has been able to achieve many milestones for the time being and this has been one of the most important objective of this group so far which has been fulfilled by the efforts of the group members.