Presidential elections will be held again in Turkey on May 28

Within the last three months in Turkey, the people there have lost a lot, and there was an earthquake three months ago in which about 50,000 people died. At that time, presidential elections were to be held there, but due to such a big accident, the election could not be held there. These elections were postponed, and it was announced to carry forward these hearings; almost many people were injured, and the people there were distraught because of the big earthquake. People had no idea they would see such a big accident in their country, and they lost many of their relatives in this accident.

After this, it has been three months, and now presidential elections were held inside Turkey, in which Ardoan and Kamal were face to face there, between whom an intense fight was being told that there would be a lot of Competition between these two and between them, Competition was also seen there because both of them had full hope of getting absolute majority there. They both wanted to form their own government, reducing each other’s votes. Neither party obtained an absolute majority there; the AKP party got 49% of the votes, while the other party also got only 43% of the votes, due to which no one was allowed to get a majority there.

The majority will have to be prepared within 14 days.

Both parties now have a chance to prepare their majority within the coming 14 days or to win the leaders from here to there; this whole effort will work in the coming 14 days if in the coming 14 days they If the majority is not able to pass, then there are to be re-elections, the date of which has been kept by the election committee on 28th, and on coming May 28, re-elections will be held, AKP party is there, which were the trends coming earlier, up to 60% Was being told the lead, it meant that he had every hope of being elected President there, but his expectancy was reduced by 11%.

Secondly, the leader in front of him was Kamal, who came from Indian origin. He also tried a lot to establish his dominance there and continuously did an excellent job on behalf of the party. Due to this, he also got so many votes. However, he also could not reach the majority, so he has a chance by May 28. He can also prepare his majority, and he can also become the President there in the coming elections. In that also, his party will get more benefit because Kamal ji’s party was also appointed for the post of Prime Minister there for the last several days.