Prince Harry cut ties with King Charles III

The new king of England, King Charles III is once again avoiding his son Prince Harry. He will come to the United Kingdom for a meeting and this is for the second time that he would come to this place but he would still get ignored. It is important to understand that they are a lot of issues going on between the father and the son for the time being. The most important reason due to which Prince Harry is coming back to the United Kingdom is the fact that he has laid allegations against the mirror group newspapers. According to the sources the newspaper had printed a news article that the Prince has been responsible for hacking the phone of the monarch while he was on a holiday in Romania. But he did not stay for a very long period of time and went out of the place as soon as possible. When the prince is busy attending the proceedings of the court nobody from his family is coming to support him and this is the first time that no Royal lawyer has been assigned to him.

It is a very awkward situation between these kinds of relationships because many media reports have cited different types of stories with respect to the ongoing conflict. According to some media houses the Stake of the prince in the royal family has been depleted to nothing and this is one of the most important reasons due to which he is staying away from the family to the maximum possible extent. According to some sources the king will come to romania in order to enjoy his luxury visit after getting appointed as the king of the United Kingdom because this will be the first time when he would be in the position to enjoy some relaxation after experiencing so many tough opportunities over the period of time. But according to the schedule he would not be meeting his son and this is a very surprising factor because both of them will visit the same place at the same time and will still avoid meeting each other. This is something which has to be connected with the way in which the relations in the role family are processed.

Not only the king but also other members of the family are also not on talking terms with Prince Harry. This is one of the most important factor which has to be noted in order to analyse the way in which the relationships are controlled over the period of time. But it is only with the help of healthy communication that all of these problems can come to an end but it is a matter of great controversy with respect to the course of action that must be decided. All of the members of the family have also planned some events in the future and it will be interesting to witness the presence of this Prince in all of these functions.