Rahul Gandhi was seen meeting a student in France

Rahul Gandhi does not want to leave any stone unturned in the publicity of Congress in any way, and he is seen making continuous efforts to do the same. His efforts were well shown to the Congress government in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, and The better he performs in the Lok Sabha elections, it has proved to be very good for his government, and it will be seen as working best for him. He also has an idea that the more active he is in the Government of India, the more he will protest here, and it will become more critical for him; his efforts are being made continuously for the same reason that the Congress party has been in power in India for the last ten years. It is not the same way as it was ten years ago when Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister.

After that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi became a completely active Prime Minister here, and his current performance is excellent. Due to his performance, it is also expected that in the coming time, he can be re-elected to the post of Prime Minister here if he proves himself to be a good candidate for a good tenure or makes reasonable efforts. If they do, it will be perfect for them; there is a strong possibility of their government going down, but here, it is an excellent concern for Congress.

Rahul Gandhi will ultimately try to bring the Congress government inside the Lok Sabha.

Rahul Gandhi is trying to be active in the Lok Sabha again. He performed very well during the Quit India March. He was praised a lot, and now, on this date, he is trying to become active here again, and if as many people can stay where he can, he will try to make his name within India good again. The more he likes his name in India, it will be very beneficial for him, and it will also be helpful for him in forming the government at the centre of India. Hence, his efforts will be fully sustained, and He will be seen trying his best to push.

Congress party is protesting here. It has done very well in the centre, after which it is not entirely active in the government here, and if it does not become active here as soon as possible, it will prove to be very bad for them. The more we keep our distance, the worse for them. At the same time, it is essential for Rahul Gandhi’s career that he can do an excellent job in the elections this time and make his government strong. If he successfully forms this, it will be very beneficial for him, and for his efforts, he will try to create the Congress government here. The Congress government is also ready to be active here incorrectly, and now the Congress government will be formed here. But again, a lot of hard work will have to be done before he can remove Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the post, and Rahul Gandhi is being put forward in this.