Rain can become a hindrance in the India-Pakistan match.

They are trying to say that Pakistan’s game is always in discussion, which is why There is a different craze around the world: everyone yearns to see this match. There is no second series between India and Pakistan, for which people get to know this match ultimately, in which Asia Tell me in front of the name India and Pakistan inside the Cup World Cup T20 World Cup Asia match ICC also tries to keep India and Pakistan inside a group so that the competition between them is fascinating and there is a lot in it. There is a lot of crowd, although its tickets are fully booked in just 5 minutes, and due to this, BCCI also practises this continuously in any way it can make it even better. However, this time, the match between India and Pakistan will be in Sri Lanka, which will benefit Sri Lankan cricket a lot.

The BCCI was constantly trying to say that India would never go to Pakistan to play in the Asia Cup, and that is why it was trying to control itself entirely by staying in India, after which, this time, the Asia Cup match would be against India. All will be done inside Sri Lanka, so the Sri Lanka Cricket Board will also get many benefits there and can take advantage of this benefit very well because the ticket for the India-Pakistan match is already available. It is fully booked, but when this match is played on September 2, there will be a huge crowd here, although the fans have already reached here and enjoyed the golden things of Lanka.

The Sri Lanka Cricket Board is pleased with the Indian team.

During its meeting, the Sri Lankan Cricket Board said it is pleased with how the BCCI is continuously helping them. Now that the Asia Cup is to be entirely inside Pakistan, India is ultimately denied to the country. After this, all the matches of India have been shifted inside Sri Lanka. This is going to benefit Sri Lankan cricket a lot, and along with helping Sri Lankan cricket, Sri Lankan cricket is also doing that policy. It will be seen because the condition of Sri Lanka has been getting worse for the last few days. There was talk of declaring Diwali continuously there, but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also helped a lot there, and the BCCI is also always helping. That the Sri Lanka Cricket Board remains a sound and sound Cricket Board

The India-Pakistan match will be played on September 2, and preparations have been completed there, but the rain there can become an obstacle in the middle of this match, as there is a perfect atmosphere of rain. The weather report, which has been going on continuously for the last three days, is becoming very viral in the media that the possibility of rain there is very high, maximum possibility of rain there. It is sure that this terrible news is happening among all the fans, and the fans of the Indian and Pakistan cricket teams have been seen as very disappointed, and they are entirely praying. It is expected that there will be some rain in the middle of the Pakistan match, and if it does not rain, then the India-Pakistan match will be fascinating.