Rallies of prominent and senior party leaders will be held in Jaipur today.

The elections have yet to show much. Even though the polls have been held in full swing, they can be started anyway this time. The activities that were done among the people regarding the elections were also very much attended by the people, this time in full swing. They are trying their best to conduct the polls differently this time, as people say they will elect various leaders on this issue. This time, the elections may be very competitive, and every party seems to be on one side. Till now, it is too much to say about any party that it is winning here in the party. This would be even more wrong. This time, the complete information about the elections being held in different states is continuously coming to the fore that, as per the exit polls, no government has been formed in any state yet. has been

According to the exit polls, if no government is being formed here continuously for this Yatra, then the party is getting very disappointed. Some essential things are happening for those who will contest elections here as independents because if they win from there, they can be wholly re-inducted into the party there and given a new challenge. The party is making efforts to include them there. Darbar will not be held. Efforts are being made here wholly. No one here is looking back. No one here is considering himself as the party here. Is it coming, or is any party not even ensuring its victory here?

Owaisi also reached Jaipur to campaign for his party.

Owaisi reached Jaipur entirely to promote his party, and he tried very hard to promote his party here. There, he has two tasks; he is seen coming very fast. His workers also have failed a lot there. He had recently said that he would be seen contesting the elections within the state and would leave no stone unturned in any way for his party. Since he is conducting a new election here, he is coming up with new things, and it will be a visible effort for him; he should be seen completely restructuring his party during the election rallies. The more he reorganizes, the more it will make his party even stronger in the times to come.

All the visible leaders were making efforts for their party, and the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party Congress Party were also seen holding public meetings continuously, coming out of their offices by any means and trying to reach out to the people. He tries to talk to many people, even outside his office. When he reaches his office, he talks to people a lot so that his votes keep increasing. His vote bank needs to be fixed, and he will prepare many people for this. Constant efforts are being made to prepare people for this. Day by day, he is reaching out to different leaders. Talks are going on with other leaders, somehow. No leader is safe here. The things being said about the leaders will be a big thing for the ordinary people in the future.