Ramayana film may become a victim of controversy.

Nitesh Tiwari ji is directing the film. He has to focus on the Ramayana film entirely. He also discussed with many actors and actresses about the Ramayana film, and in the end, he ultimately cast Ranbir Kapoor in the role of Ram. He had selected her for the position and considered Alia Bhatt to be perfect for the role of Sita in Ramayana, and both of them are excellent in this role, both of which can be seen acting. Their chemistry with each other is perfect, and they both know how to understand each other very well, so it was great for them to have them in the film, and they ultimately did the work of their production. He had also started discussing this film for a long time. Alan said there was a lot of controversy within Bollywood regarding the first Aadi Purush film, which had come out; within Bollywood, he did not like the movie. After which, it is completely justified for this film to become a victim of controversy in the future.

In the film Adi Purush, Prabhas played the role of Ram and Kirti Se Nanhe played the role of Sita. However, the film faced a lot of controversy due to both of them. Allen’s Prabhas said that there was no controversy in this film. He was doing this film for a good role; however, graphics have been used the most, and if people don’t like this kind of thing, he obliterates it. Many controversies were reported about it, and it was also said that it has nothing to do with Ramayana. It does not contain anything like Ramayana, and the image of Ram is shown very wrongly in it; hence, He will be seen continuously opposing it, and if any such film is made again in Bollywood, then there will be a lot of scrutiny on it, after which the film can be re-released.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt will be in the lead roles in this film.

On the one hand, Ranbir Kapoor tries very hard in his movies so that no one is left missing, and he keeps improving his acting. Lekar performs very well, whereas Nitesh Tiwari’s difficulty has dramatically increased. Although he has announced the film, he is still looking for a producer who can invest money in this film. Although he talked to three producers, he also showed the script of this film to all three, but they ultimately refused it. He said that he considered this kind of film downright controversial, hence how it was done in Bollywood. Adi Purush had to face a lot of loss due to the same, and he is not at all ready to suffer any loss for this film.

Many scenes in the film Ramayana were proved wrong, after which there has been a lot of discussion about these things in the movie. In this film, those scenes will not be shown. It was revealed many times that there is talk of completely recreating this film, and we can also see a significant change in its script; hence, there is a lot of discussion on the Ramayana film. New developments are coming out one after the other in Bollywood, the way many actors are also withdrawing from working, and till now, more than 50 films have been made on Ramayana. But everyone says that a movie like the main film of Ramayana, which Ramanand Sagar produced, has just been completed. Something or the other is shown wrong in every movie, so it continuously becomes a victim of controversy.