Relations between China and Taliban are improving

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, it did not have any government approval at all. No one was ready to accept its rule there officially, and in this regard, it ultimately appealed to the country and the world. It was seen that anyone would be ready for a good relationship with it. There is no other country that even imports and exports on such a large scale. In contrast, the relations between India and Afghanistan, which were very good earlier, have now entirely deteriorated due to the Taliban and after the pretext of the Taliban, India has also completely established its entire setup from there, and after this, it was ready to stay with the country regarding its relations completely. However, America was in support of the Taliban from the beginning. He has been against it and is constantly trying to remove the Taliban from there, and now one of his efforts is to remove the Taliban immediately.

In this way, the Taliban is running its rule very much there. There, it has also imposed many restrictions regularly; it has also been seen committing atrocities against women, and now it is called love. Increasingly, the women there also started protesting against it. Still, the Taliban there also tried to stop this protest, and they said that they would not make any objection and that whatever the Taliban wanted would happen there. However, the Taliban Many terrorist organisations have become active inside Pakistan, which is entirely running their rule there, and they are also seen carrying out their terrorist activities there, which is a significant threat to other countries.

Clouds of crisis may engulf India.

For a long time, the Taliban has been trying to hand itself over to the government or to get international approval. For this, it has appealed to many countries, but no country has accepted it. He listened and said that he would never allow terrorism to grow the way the Taliban is entirely a terrorist organisation already in Afghanistan, and they cannot give government approval to such a country; for this, it should be immediately banned. It is suitable to allow them to be removed from there. However, China seems to be fully supporting it, and now China is entirely ready to go ahead with the Taliban. After reaching Kabul, he held talks with Afghan ministers.

China is entirely ready to build its strength, and it constantly wants to be able to perform better with other countries and is trying to live together while its entire attention is on terrorism. And the way he is trying to take terrorism to a new mode, he is doing it perfectly, and his only effort is to strengthen the roots of terrorism even more. The more it tries to expand, the more it is going to cause harm to the country because, on the one hand, China will be with the Taliban. On the other hand, America is in a perfect position with India and India and America are in an ideal place. Hence, China fears that India might attack it, and the flame of the Cold War has not prepared it.