Rituraj Gaikwad’s brilliant performance before the Asian Games

Indian cricket is fully engaged in the preparation for its World Cup, and the many challenges facing India are constantly being confronted by it, in which it faces new challenges one after the other. Wale wants to strengthen the preparations for the World Cup, and he is trying to improve his team as much as possible, whereas the management of the Indian team is constantly trying to strengthen the team. He can choose the perfect combination which will make him win entirely, and for this, he is fully engaged in this effort and let’s talk about what will happen in the coming time. The image of the Indian team will also be very different because the Indian team is very high in the world, and the Indian team feels excellent about its level.

One thing is said about the Indian cricket team: if the Indian cricket team has to be sent to different places among the four groups, then only the Indian team will appear in a much stronger position because the players who are sitting outside are also completely They are more successful, there are players of very different levels, on one side there is the captain of the Indian team, Rohit Sharma, on the other side, Gaikwad has now been given the captaincy for the Asian Games, on the other hand, Hardik Pandya, KL Rahul doing pickup shots. It seems that recently, he was given the full captaincy for the Ireland tour, and in this way, the players who are constantly playing for the Indian team are performing very well there. There are also talks about his career. That, too, is happening very well.

Ruturaj Gaikwad, captain of the Indian team for the Asian Games

Rituraj Gaikwad will be seen entirely captaining the Indian team, and before this, he played a very brilliant inning against Australia yesterday in this inning. He wore perfect suits. For this, he is wholly appreciated. It is being said continuously that in the coming times, one player can provide an ideal opening for the Indian team because, after Gill, the Indian team has no other option except Rohit Sharma. In the future, if Rohit Sharma completely retires from the group, the team needs to have a perfect combination, for which Ruturaj Gaikwad is considered excellent. During the IPL, he was seen playing big innings one after the other, where he was performing very well under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and he also gave full credit to Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Rituraj Gaikwad’s performance under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is excellent, and when he was asked during the interview how he considers this kind of practice, both of them said that when Dhoni told them He used to be entirely motivated for everything, he always used to say that he should perform as much as he can for his team, give good performances for his team so that in the future, he will be a part of the Indian team. Although it is everyone’s dream to play for the Indian team, he has worked very hard for this and today, he is doing this hard work, and in the coming time, he will continue his hard work.