Sachin Pilot challenges Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot over alleged paper leaks and political appointments in ‘Jadugari.’

Sachin Pilot, former Rajasthan deputy chief minister, criticized current CM Ashok Gehlot at a rally in Jhunjhunu district on Wednesday, suggesting that government officials were not responsible for “Leaking of examination papers and commitments politically. Sachin Pilot, the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, has challenged Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot over alleged paper leaks and political appointments in the state. The pilot has accused Gehlot of engaging in corrupt practices and undermining the democratic process in the state. He has called for an investigation into the matter and demanded that those found guilty be held accountable. The allegations have caused a rift within the ruling party, with many calling for Gehlot to step down. The situation has created a sense of uncertainty and instability in the state, and many are calling for a resolution to the issue as soon as possible.The pilot questioned the clean chit the CM gave, asking about the papers that were “Papers leaked from the safes without the” involvement of officials’.At a Kisan rally in the Gudha assembly constituency, Pilot stated that someone must be held accountable for the leaks, as they couldn’t have occurred without any responsibility. Pilot expressed concerns about the practice of giving political post-retirement appointments to officials and bureaucrats in government offices such as commissions and boards. He suggested that these positions should be given to Congress workers instead, as they have a strong political loyalty and work hard for the party, whereas retired officials do not. In response to Pilot’s previous criticisms of the paper leak issue, Gehlot had accused the Opposition of using it as a distraction from the over three lakh government sector jobs were created.