Security of Railways to increase

After the particular free an accident took place in Odisha tho Indian Railways have decided to bring a new policy in order to renovate the existing streams in India and the street definitely try to improve the level of Railways in the country to a great extent because according to the latest update which has been made by the Ministry this important to get the basic idea that the trains will now get automatic doors at the engine will also becomes standard which will be at part with the one that are found in international countries. This particular feature will definitely be able to promote the maximum amount of safety for the people because it will become possible for the Indian trains to identify any kind of obstacle on the track and stop themselves at a distance of 5 km in advance so that the damage can be prevented and people can be saved from all of this as soon as possible because the kind of destruction that has taken please last month boys completely not expected out of a country like India which had got its independence that it is not in the position to provide a safe mode of transportation to millions of people everyday.

This particular Technology will be imported from Germany and Korea and the contract for the same has already been executed by the Indian Government and once the technology is brought to India it will be implemented and all of the trains starting from the northern part of the concei will start getting the renovation at this renovation will only take place at the time when the train does not run in order to avoid any kind of discomfort to the people and prevent minimum kind of disruption in this schedule of the trains for the people who travel by trains every time and in such a kind of situation if this particularly is implemented then automatically it will become possible for the government to get a better idea over the period of time so that people get something for them in advance.

The system of the government is definitely likely to improve over the period of time and most of the Government have to understand that this is not the way in which people must get the basic idea but it depends upon a lot of other factors as well because this is going to work towards the benefit of the people in the long well and this particular Technology will definitely increase the advancement in the level of the government to a great extent and it will help to make it better for the passenger depend on Indian Railway every day for travelling because everybody wants to be safe after the particular incident that took place long time ago and this is something which has been able to get a basic factor identified over the time.