Shocking incident of rape

A latest incident has been in the position to shock the conscious of a lot of people because if the government is not able to protect the people then how can people have expectations from anybody else because according to the latest incident that has taken please in Karnataka and Delhi sum of the officials of the Government have been involved in the alleged rape case of a minor victim and after this particular incidence the family members of the government officials of Delhi and Karnataka has been taken behind the boys in the custody and if the same point of 10 television because this is not the way in which the government of the people can’t even get out of the situation and expect something extra out of the people because this is the first people definitely need the kind of solution to come over them in the best possible way because if the solution does not come over them then automatically. It is definitely a difficult to position for the people to comprehend that things have always been that easy for lot of them but the kind of success and the kind of growth of both the states have actually been able to obtain does not justify such a kind of behaviour because it only show cases that things are not moving according to the expectation and things definitely required change as soon as possible.

This is the best possible way in which the people can think of control and if this control is not available to them then automatically they will be suffering from a huge amount of cap because it is for the people to understand and relate it all of these changes that have been taking place of not being free plant and everything has been happening because of the reason as most of the people want to understand that it is obviously easy for the people to find out the ways which has not be thought by early a people before and it is only with the help of this method that people can get out of this understanding and even try to relate with multiple aspects in one go. This is going to be a great understanding for lot of people who have not been in the position to think that advanced but it is only with the help of proper solutions at people will realize the importance of all of these activities and they will also understand it why all of this is necessary for them and divide things must not be the heathing in this way because every thing has been happening his already happened for a reason and it is not that comfortable and easy for lot of people to get a proper kind of solution over the time.

This is the best possible aspect which has been moving in the best possible way but if people start behaving in this Iris possible manner then the time is not a head when most of the people will be losing hopes of the Government and they will not be in the position to detect anything that is actually important for them and it is upon the people to decide and also come a cross that what is the best way to find the solution which is not being that happening over the period of time. People at this particular stage only want to the people to understand them and also try to discover by things have been working in the best possible. It is not easy for the people to be leave that most of the changes that have been taking place always make a huge amount of difference over the times to come and it is not that easy for the people to get all of this kind of understanding in advance as it takes a lot of time for them to realise the importance of these activities over the time because this is the best possible kind of solution which will actually beneficial to them without any kind of under statement about the future believes of all these activities.