Situation in Manipur aggravates

This situation in Manipur is definitely beyond the level of comprehension of a lot of people because it has become difficult for the people to see what is all happening there in the light of the existing boilings. Why the matter was already scheduled to be heard by the court in the times to come something extremely sad has taken place in Manipur once again because once again the internet has been shot down and most of the people do not even realize the latest happenings around them and this is a CV is condition which has to be brought the notice of the court as soon as possible because every citizen of India enjoy the freedom of speech and expression.

if this freedom of speech and expression is curtailed with the help of these internet shutdowns then the day is not file when people will do not know anything because internet will be shot for the maximum point of the day and this will only try to the denied The Right to Information to a lot of people without any kind of course. It is important to understand that without failure it is the duty of the government to provide access to all of these facilities on a 24/7 basis until and unless there are very genuine reasons to control the movement of the people. It becomes important to understand that internet shutdown is a basic problem that country’s Lake India fees in order to prevent the spread of information from one place to another so that people do not respond to any of the activities and find a solution to almost all of them.

It has not happened in India for the first time and many people have been trying to find out a way in which all of these factors could be prevented. The political parties are definitely one of the most important reason due to these internet banks because the do not want people to take any action against all of this because the do not know what is happening and it is nothing but a basic principle of the constitution which is democracy according to which every person has a right to understand what is not suitable for the country and even take a stand that. It is only with the help of a proper channel of communication that people can get the judgemental power to take an action against multiple type of aspects one by one because every factor has got its own advantages and disadvantages and it is a duty of the people to understand if it is important to teaching to consideration or not.

It is important to note that the level of aspects which all the people must remember and understand is only the fact that this matter has to be brought before the court as soon as possible so it is too late because it is a serious condition and it has to be taken into account as soon as possible without any failure.