Six people died in the storm in Myanmar; fear spread among the people

Tsunamis and storms are often seen causing a lot of damage, and such situations often arise in the country and the world. Such big storms come continuously, and the country cannot progress back many times because of The devastation that occurs after a storm hits the country. He cannot handle that medicine, and the tsunami in many countries also wreaks havoc. There are big waves of water, often big- It is enough to ruin big countries if such a natural disaster comes, then it is hazardous for our humans because it is not even in our control. It is natural, and if it takes its fierce form, it creates many problems.

This incident has been heard in Myanmar for several days, and there has been a big storm. Its PH scale is also above 7 points 6, meaning it is considered a big storm. This storm is causing havoc there in different ways, people are seen running from here to there, and people are also seen moving away from their homes because they are afraid of this storm while staying in their homes. It started happening, and if he stays in his house, then if the storm damages the house, he will also be harmed, or the US government has issued an alert there that people should go to a safe place and do everything possible to avoid this disaster.

30 feet high tsunami was seen in the rivers

If we talk about the rivers, a tsunami was seen above 30 feet inside the rivers, and the waves were very high, so the people whose houses or residences were near the river and sea suffered a lot of damage. And their houses have been destroyed there; they will not be able to establish a home there again until they get rid of this storm, while the government of Myanmar has announced that for people who are not getting food and drink there That the government police will make that system reach there, but there should be no danger to anyone’s life, he can easily go to some other local place where he is entirely safe.

So far, more than six people have lost their lives inside Myanmar, and many people have been injured there; they are constantly trying to rescue people, yet it has not been officially confirmed that the death What is the number of people affected still, this number of 6 people is being told. There are also those whose address is still not known to the government there, and the government there and the police force there are constantly trying to reach every human being so that there is no danger to anyone’s life, and in the coming time, May no one out there face death from this storm.