So far, a team has yet to be able to qualify inside the IPL

IPL 2003 is in its complete, exciting phase, and one after the other good matches are being seen here and there. Lots of fun is being enjoyed inside the IPL. For this, they come from many far away places. However, no team has qualified for the top 4 teams in the IPL, and now only a few matches are left for the end, but still, it is not decided who will be in the last. There will be the top 4 teams that will qualify for. Further, it still needs to be correct to decide, and if it does not happen as soon as possible, it will be even more exciting, although there are two or three teams inside the IPL. Who has been out of IPL till now

Inside the IPL, this match was played between Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore inside the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur, Rajasthan, at 3:30 pm. In this match, Rajasthan Royals had a magnificent defeat of Royal Challengers Bangalore by 112 runs. Wayne Purnell took three wickets in his team, while Bracewell also bowled well, so his team was seen defeating the Rajasthan Royals, although, after this match, the hopes of Royal Challengers Bangalore increased further. And the hopes of Rajasthan Royals are now over.

Rajasthan Royals lost 5 out of the last seven matches.

Where the Rajasthan Royals team was seen playing very well in the initial IPL phase, as the season progressed, their team was seen performing very poorly. The condition of their team has become such that They have lost five out of the last seven matches and a lot of games at home which was a big concern for them as it was the last few years that Rajasthan Royals won at home. Never lost a game; there was a time when Rajasthan was the first team to win eight consecutive games at home.

But still, the top 4 teams have yet to be announced inside this IPL, which will qualify further because, till now, all the teams have hopes left. However, from Rajasthan Royal to Punjab Kings and Delhi Capitals, some teams have lost their hopes now, but there are as many teams who still have full hopes of going into the qualifiers and are trying their best to perform well and in the times to come they will do well. Take the team inside the playoffs