South Africa has appeared in a different style in this World Cup.

There are so many excellent matches to watch this time in the World Cup. People are seen bearing the burden of paying one after the other every day in the World Cup because, inside I Chowki, they have a wonderful romance. I go to watch it for the same fantasy, and the people of India are vigilant towards cricket. They consider cricket as an emotion. Cricket is considered like a religion in India and this The reason behind this is that the match between South Africa and Australia which was going on yesterday was completely housefull inside the ground even during the game, all the tickets inside the land had been sold, and this was very important for the World Cup. It is a big thing that so many Indians came to watch the match, although not many spectators came from South Africa and Australia, as many came from India.

The World Cup inside India serves the proper purpose of the ICC. ICC had done a lot of work for the World Cup inside India. There was a lot of discussion before giving the World Cup to India. This thing was also continuously done. It was said that the more India maintains this thing, it will become more important to give it the World Cup in the coming times and the philosophy that India has as a whole is significant for cricket in India. The environment is also very different. Hence, hosting the World Cup in India can be done thoroughly. India can also be wholly dominated here because India is the best among all the countries. Those who ask for cricket as a religion here, cricket is a religion for them, and they always stand by this religion.

South Africa registered a massive victory yesterday.

When the South African team entered the World Cup, no one knew they played such good cricket. They also made the highest score of this World Cup. They scored only 428 runs. When she made that record, it was utterly added to her name, and now she is performing very well in the upcoming matches, too. Yesterday, also against Australia, she played excellent cricket, scoring 317 runs. It was a perfect innings of Quinton de Kock scoring a brilliant century, and he has done his best to take his team forward and the way he will take his team forward.

The South African team is being seen on many channels these days, and in this World Cup, they have adopted not just one strategy; they have always played their own taking game, and all their players have played it to the fullest. He is seen taking a lot here. The captain of this team has reached here in complete form, but until now, big innings have not been seen from him in the World Cup. If a good inning is played here, the overall performance will be very high for them, too, and if they are in complete form, they will try to give themselves 2 minutes here. The more they back themselves here, the more they will be back for them. They are always ready for tremendous things, and the more encouragement they get to the players here, the better things will be for their players in the tournaments that will be held in the coming time.