Suddenly a very fierce fire broke out in the forests of Canada, and there was a lot of damage.

The danger of fire inside the forests often increases during the summer because the climate becomes so hot that the dry leaves of the trees there increase the chances of fire. After burning the leaves, the fire starts destroying the forests completely by burning the trees, and this is seen happening every year in the forests of one country or the other—last year where something similar was seen in the Amazon forests in Australia. The kangaroos had suffered a lot, and many members of the kangaroo race had perished in it; even then, the weather was hot, and there was a very fierce heat, due to which this fire could start there.

This time something like this was seen inside Canada itself, and how there was a fire inside the forests in Canada, there has been a lot of damage there; there has been a lot of damage to the animals, as well as there is a lot of damage to the human race. There has been an impact, and the human race has been continuously affected there. Many people’s lives have also been lost there in this fierce fire because the forests of Canada are not so big, so the living conditions of humankind are there and because of this, their living conditions are there. That’s why this time is very sad for Canada, and Canada wants to come out of this sorrow as soon as possible.

The US sends 600 firefighters to Canada.

America’s President Biden has tried his best to help Canada; he has also gone ahead to try his best to help them emerge from the economic situation, and the President of America has said that Canada should If any help is needed from America, then he can send them and America will never back down from this. On the other hand, America immediately sent 600 firefighters to Canada, and efforts are being made to extinguish the fire there. In this way, if the fire is controlled, it will be a big deal, and other countries will also follow the example of Canada. He was coming forward to help.

The government of Canada has issued a pollution alert to about 100 million people and has said that if this fire continues to grow in this way, then the pollution that is there will also increase a lot. And the way pollution is spreading in many cities one after the other, all these people are getting many diseases, so to avoid them, it will be necessary for people to wear masks for a few days in the coming days. Until then, if you keep wearing a mask, it can be excellent for them.