Suhana Khan was seen with a bag of 900000, and the fans said that this bag suits you.

Suhana Khan, whose name you must have heard because she is the daughter of King Khan of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan, and because of her dangerous and beautiful looks, will be seen creating panic on social media. Recently he was seen at Mumbai airport, and why people are making him a topic of discussion to be seen at Mumbai airport, let’s know. There he looked very stylish in a blue dress, which was very well designed, but everyone’s attention was not on this dress but on his carry bag which he carried with him. You will be very surprised to know the price of this bag because the price of this bag is not a thousand ₹ 2000 but a full 11000 US dollars. That is, if we talk about Indian currency, then its price is around ₹ 900000. Suhana Khan is often seen carrying such an expensive carry bag because she likes the bag very much and is often seen somewhere like this.

Just a few days ago, when the match of Kolkata Knight Riders was going on, she was carrying a carry bag, the cost of which is being told about ₹ 300000, although according to a TV channel, the bag which Suhana Khan told about ₹ 900000. It is said that the bag is of a brand called Chanel, and no details of the rate of this bag have been given on the channel’s site. That’s why it is not even right to say how much the price of this bag is right. She is often seen carrying such bags with her mother, Gauri Khan, in Kolkata Knight Riders matches, and she is also seen repeating her mother Gauri Khan’s bag because she is very fond of her mother’s things and she is very fond of her mother’s things. She is so attached to her mother that she likes to use all her things very much. Because of this, she is very much an inspiration, and she only follows her mother and walks on the path she shows.

Suhana Khan follows her mother, Ghori Khan, Gauri Khan also likes to collect and carry bags.

Interestingly, both mother and daughter love to carry bags with them, and wherever they are seen during small functions, IPL matches, or while traveling, they carry one. It is seen in very expensive carry bags. Shahrukh Khan is considered the King of Bollywood because he has also been given the status of Badshah’s name inside Bollywood. His family is very big, and he often enjoys a lot with them.

Nowadays, Suhana Khan is seen inside the ground during every match of IPL, he comes there to support his team Kolkata Knight Riders, and along with him, his mother, Gauri Khan, also reaches there to enjoy the match to the fullest. Suhana Khan has not yet entered Bollywood, and she looks very beautiful, although it will be interesting to see when Shah Rukh Khan launches his daughter into Bollywood and when she will enter films.