Sunny Leone claims She misses her American Family

According to Sunny Leone, she misses her family in the US: “I want this place to be my forever home,” the resident said.


Sunny Leone has a lot going on in both her personal and professional lives, but no matter what she does, her broad smile remains constant. She has resumed hosting Splitsvilla season 14, a dating reality series she co-hosts with Arjun Bijlani.


Aside from that, she is now promoting her upcoming movie, O My Ghost, and has just finished working on a desired project with director Anurag Kashyap. The actress is also a mother to three small children, Nisha, Noah, and Asher, twins who adore dancing to one of her dance performances.


In a conversation, Sunny discussed Splitsvilla and her upcoming film’s collaboration with Anurag. She also discussed the life she left behind in the US to pursue a career in India. Excerpts:

What has changed this time on Splitsvilla?

This time, there are two distinct islands: the Isle of Venus and the Isle of Mars, so the competitors must travel samundar paar. To see each other, meet each other, go on dates with each other, and be able to perform together, the contestants must put in a lot of effort.

Do you miss having Rannvijay Singha host the programme?

I obviously miss him. But the only thing that works in my favour is that his family and my family have grown to be extremely good family friends. His phone number is nearby. We are similar to children in that we both need to hear from the other. We instantly click as friends with Arjun (Bijlani), and the on-screen hilarity continues.

Does having a spouse make it easier to host a dating reality show?

Although these participants are young, it does benefit to some extent. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 27 is not interested in getting married. They want to socialise and have fun together. It’s not as serious of a show as two people meeting and getting married, so you can’t take it too seriously.


Since you are confined to each other and are experiencing all of these emotions at once because you are young, attractive, and exploring, Splitsvilla is a small place where things move quickly both physically and emotionally.

Tell us a little bit about the movie you made with Anurag Kashyap


It’s already done. He is fantastic and so relaxed. Working with him was wonderful. He was very serious about what he wanted from me, and I did my best to satisfy him. The fact that he invited the entire workplace made it nerve-wracking. The funniest part was that it appeared to be a test, and he went around asking people what they thought.

Does she resemble the character?

Although I had auditioned in the US, I had never done one where everyone was so welcoming. In addition, he valued everyone’s viewpoint, which is something I loved about him. Just a few men, but it seemed like a room full of women. I was attempting a smile while crossing my fingers.