The failure of Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha : Kangana Ranaut not due to the boycott culture

  • Laal Singh Chaddha, in Kangana Ranaut’s opinion, did not fail as a result of boycott calls.
  • She believes that as audiences have grown more conscious, they have rejected certain films.
  • She also made fun of Aamir Khan for his insensitive statement.


Kangana Ranaut discussed the boycott movement in an exclusive interview. She also criticised Aamir Khan for “defaming India in the world.” She claimed that because of the boycotting culture, his movie Laal Singh Chaddha did not perform poorly at the box office.


Boycott Calling was not the cause of Aamir’s Laal Singh Chaddha’s failure, concludes Kangana Ranaut


Kangana Ranaut poked fun at Aamir Khan when she was questioned about the boycott culture and whether she believed Laal Singh Chaddha’s failure was due to it. She chastised him for his encounter with Emine Erdogan, the wife of the Turkish president.


She stated:

“Superstars have a variety of benefits. For a job that costs Rs 2 crore, they demand Rs 200 crore. They take charter flights to locations where commercial flights are available. People are now debating whether or not they are the “rightful superstars.”


If we talk about Aamir Khan, you went there, agreed with them, and had pictures taken with them (Turkey’s first lady Emine Eddogan) when there was a lot of unrest in our nation and Turkey was speaking out against India. He called our nation intolerable, defaming it all across the world.”


“A personal crisis has arisen. You feel repulsed and humiliated to be Indian “She spoke harshly of the actor.


Kangana continued, “All of this led the average individual to wonder whether they should consider you a superstar or if they should give you some of their hard-earned money. People who are patriotic are beginning to wonder if they should watch him. This is a national awareness campaign that has nothing to do with the boycotting mindset.”


Kangana on the loss of Bollywood’s Identity


Kangana Ranaut remarked, “Bollywood is experiencing an identity crisis due to back-to-back flops “The movies that are currently in theatres are very Indian. When we discuss Kantara, we can say that it has a small-scale relationship to dedication and spirituality.


The Cholas are in Ponniyin Selvan. Kantara, PS 1’s audience might relate to Hindu beliefs. Bollywood, which is affected by western culture, is deviating from our culture and producing more films with a western (influenced) aesthetic. I believe that people no longer identify with them.”



In the news, Kangana Ranaut discussed the failure of Laal Singh Chaddha, which starred Aamir Khan. She claimed that people were aware, not because of the boycott culture, but rather because the movie bombed.