The way the government is seen contesting elections with dogs in many elections in Rajasthan this time, if they had made significant changes within two days of the original polls, it would have been wholly criticized for this. On top of that, people are constantly saying how the government has utterly broken them. All those people have yet to be able to get the facilities they should have acquired here, many facilities. They are deprived of this, but the government is not doing anything for them about it, which is having a terrible effect on the government as a whole, and the government is being considered the culprit. People are saying that this government has completely changed again; hence, in the future, they will not be seen voting at all and will not try to listen to them again. This is very good for them. It must be kept in mind in a manner that avoids

The politics in Rajasthan are moving at a breakneck pace, and both parties are constantly at loggerheads regarding the two elections to be held in December. They do not want to step back in any way, and they have made an effort to come to this. Under the upcoming elections, they should do their best work and take their things in development here. Currently, the Congress government is active in Rajasthan, whose Chief Minister of Rajasthan is Ashok Gehlot, who is constantly prioritizing the people. They are trying to lure the leader, but the people take it seriously and will not be lured in any way.

Bharatiya Janata Party demanded from the public

The second Bharatiya Janata Party is seen here altogether seeking votes from the general public, and they are also seen repeatedly appealing to the Bharatiya Janata Party workers that they are new to any greed of the Congress. The Hui government and its caste government are trying to lure the people entirely, and this effort will be kept continuously by the priests. Therefore, the more they stay away from these efforts, the better it will be for them constantly from all these things. They should keep trying to stay away and never come across all these red centers, and the more they continue to stay away from them, the better it will be for them.

By giving Excel knowledge to the people, the government convinces them to vote for them again. After that, within the next five years, they are seen looting the best option again, and in this way, the general public understands this very well. It should be understood properly that if they choose the right government for their society, for their state, after falling prey to any greed, it will be good for them, and if they want to choose the right government, they will always have to stay away from both the bad and greed. Keeping aside the problems, they can choose a good leader who can bring development for them, improve the condition of their state, try to employ those people who are not getting a career within the state, and can fully concentrate on their work. Focus on development, and if he focuses on growth, then it will become easier for him to contest elections here, and people will also support him; hence, people should understand very quickly that he should focus on his development. Stay fully alert about your elections here.