The husband of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was struck with a hammer at home and fractured his skull.

Both a Nancy Pelosi spokesman and a San Francisco Police Department spokesperson were unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked and badly beaten by a burglar who rushed into their San Francisco home early on Friday while yelling, where is Nancy, where is Nancy? The burglar was looking for the Democratic leader.

Just 11 days before the midterm elections, the assault on the 82-year-old Paul Pelosi added to the already tense political atmosphere in the country. It had unsettling shades of the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, when protesters ran amok through the corridors seeking to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s triumph against Donald Trump.

When the attack in California occurred, Speaker Pelosi was in Washington. She landed in San Francisco late on Friday and went right to the hospital where her husband was receiving medical attention.

This did not happen at random. This was planned. And it’s incorrect, stated William Scott, chief of police in San Francisco.

The police chief appeared to be holding back emotion as he vehemently denounced the violence in politics. He claimed that the emergency 911 dispatcher’s intuition was lifesaving.

Our elected officials are here to conduct business on behalf of their respective states, counties, and cities. Their family don’t consent to this, said Scott. Everyone ought to be appalled by what occurred this morning.

David DePape, 42, was detained on accusations of attempted murder, elder abuse, and burglary and was still being treated for those injuries as of late Friday, according to the police.

broken skull, severe arm injuries

According to the speaker’s office, Paul Pelosi required surgery to heal a skull fracture as well as severe wounds to his right arm and hands. Doctors predict a full recovery for him.

As soon as possible, Biden called Speaker Pelosi to express his support. Later, he offered a vehement condemnation of the despicable attack, calling it unacceptable in the United States.

Political violence is prevalent too often. Too much animosity. At a Democratic event in Pennsylvania on Friday night, Biden lamented the too much hostility. What gives us reason to believe that it won’t poison the political atmosphere? There is enough, enough, enough.

Mitch McConnell, the head of the Senate’s Republican party, stated that the attack left him horrified and sickened.

Political language around the country has reached historically high levels of foreboding threats against lawmakers, which is disturbing. The House speaker and other congressional leaders are guarded around-the-clock, and more and more members of Congress are now under police protection. The election’s top problems for voters have proved to be this, crime, and public safety.

According to Scott, on Friday at around 2.30 am, Paul Pelosi’s home in San Francisco received a call from the police asking them to check on him. Scott was able to ascertain that the burglar entered the posh Pacific Heights neighborhood property through the back entrance. According to two persons with knowledge of the matter, investigators believe the burglar entered through glass-paneled doors.

According to a second individual acquainted with the incident who was granted anonymity to speak about it, Paul Pelosi himself dialed 911 after informing the intruder he had to use the restroom where his phone was charging. Someone claimed that the intruder shouted, where is Nancy? as they approached the speaker’s husband.

According to Scott, the dispatcher realized there was something more going on than what she had been informed, which led to a priority dispatch and a quicker police response. I believe this saved a life, he said.