The king’s call- Rishi Sunak first day on the Parliament

The role of Prime Minister is to guide their country for the country’s benefit. So it is important the Honourable PM should be educated and smart enough to handle the critical cases and politics in Parliament as well as in public. The Prime Minister should be diplomatic and should think for the country’s benefit.


With the recent update from the world all-over,  the king of the UK has appointed Rishi Sunak as the new PM of the United Kingdom.  The shifting of responsibilities was held on the day October 25, in the PM office.


Rishi Sunak was confident with himself and was proud of his achievements.  The new Prime Minister has announced his cabinet in the Prime Minister office.  After the announcement PM Sunak explains some important facts that are causing the downfall of the UK. Besides, the honourable PM explained some solutions in brief on how to solve the problems. Moreover, some new ideas on innovation in the product areas in different government sponsored companies, applications of AI technology and a better taxation system was acknowledged by the PM. The PM also promised to increase the decline graph of the nation in the meeting held in the PM office.


In the next morning, PM Sunak attended his first day in the Parliament. Before leading to the office,  the PM encouraged the citizens of his nation with the help of Twitter. The Twite says

“This morning I set out to cabinet the enormous task we face, and why I am confident that this government can rise to challenge and deliver for the whole united kingdom.

 Now is the time to get to work and earn the trust of the British people”



The PM has explained his and his cabinet views for the next 5 year, and how these views can change the country’s future for good. Besides, the honourable PM explains about the new taxation system that will be beneficial for both the citizens and the government.  PM Sunak also acknowledged the honourable speaker about the different new policies for different sectors of the government.  Assurances for application on technology and a well built defence budget was also delivered to the speaker. With a great start the PM has completed his first day of the Parliament.