The opposition leaders boycott the inaugural ceremony

The new Parliament building has been inaugurated by the Indian Prime Minister. But the opposition parties are not really satisfied with all that is happening. Different opposition parties have expressed criticism towards the entire episode. Not only this but also the Aam aadmi Party have also decided that we will not attend the function on the ground that the prime minister has not invited the President of India to this ceremony and this is a huge disrespect to the entire episode. The leader of the Aam aadami Party Mr Arvind Kejriwal had also met Mamta Banerjee in West Bengal to discuss the cause of action and both of them unanimously decided to boycott the inauguration function because the BJP government is trying to uproot the democratic setup of India. According to them it is nothing but an expansion of the executive powers upon the legislative framework of India which is completely against the intent of the Constitution makers and the division of powers which is the basic feature of the constitution.

Various significant personalities have been invited from different parts of the world and within the country for the inauguration ceremony except for the head of the state who is none other than the president. But now he is the one who is trying to violate all the values and the old traditions for which India was known. The government has been challenged at various fronts and this is the latest among them all. The decision to avoid inviting the President of India to such a strategic event for the country is an insult to the head of the state and this will not be tolerated by any of the opposition parties. The government will definitely take some steps in order to correct the mistake that they have committed but for the time being opposition leaders have decided not to forgive the government for this mistake because this is nothing but an insult to the constitution which establishes the office of the President with the greatest honour in India.

Different leaders from Congress and other opposition parties have also decided that they will not attend the function and will even not send their greetings for the successful orientation. The Dynamics of the country have changed to a great extent and this is high time for the country to realize that the country cannot do without parliament and Parliament is a very important part of the Indian legislative structure. The government will help to secure all of these findings only when it has been able to pass the test that the Parliament passed. The criticism against the ruling government has been increasing over the period of time but this will definitely get altered and affected once the upcoming elections are announced