The WhatsApp Company made another significant change in its technology.

WhatsApp is the world’s most used social media platform, and the most time-spent platform on it is also WhatsApp of social media and on. These people are seen talking a lot with each other via audio calling video. He first gave the option of calling in the middle, so the demand for it is constantly very high in the market; it has the highest need even inside the Indian market, and the maximum number of consumers in the world are present inside India only. That’s why it always keeps its own like India; it is being said to launch it as soon as possible in the Indian language, and he said that he will soon launch WhatsApp inside Hindi, although many applications are still available in Hindi in India. It has been launched inside, but he still needs to give its full clarification, and he said that he would update it again and continuously update the weight of Hindi and whatever shortcomings are there in it, he will constantly try to complete those shortcomings.

Whatsapp company is one of the social media platforms on which people constantly tell their time, and they are seen continuously making many changes regarding this; they prefer not to give new things to their users, so they like their things very much. Can be done, and the number of their users continues to grow. Due to this, it is constantly being argued that the WhatsApp company should establish its dominance, and for this, it is now coming up with new technology inside the market.

The WhatsApp app can also be seen in landscape mode.

Until now, WhatsApp used to be seen in portrait mode, but now you can see it in landscape mode. WhatsApp told this facility during its update and through its social media account that it should convey this information to the general public to be widely used. He said this facility would make it easy for him to watch videos or make video calls and not face any problems.

The option of video calling setting on WhatsApp still needs to be launched, but it has also been fully launched. It will be available very soon inside the updated market, looking at which now its value inside the market will be seen in the best form than before, and in the coming time, the number of its speakers can be doubled. However, updating their security system is a significant achievement for the day because it is constantly said that they are continuously shifting the data of Indian consumers to America. Still, they have not done any such thing to cow, and the way they have done aur tu aur jo mode run says the same thing about it: