This time, many big players will be seen in the IPL.

The bidding for the Indian Premier League has started, and many big players were bought in this bid in which Mitchell’s name came up the most, and Kolkata Knight Riders made a bid of Rs 25 crore on him, which till now has not been discussed in the interview. Laker has been the highest in the request, so a lot of talk has started about him. How will he dominate in the IPL once he remains available throughout it? Then till now, it will be the biggest task. In the same way, everyone will be watching this player’s performance because when the more expensive player is, he is trusted so much, but how will this player perform here also? This will be a great thing to see; because of this, those who are constantly against them in NT will also try to avoid them.

The biggest private lake competition is going on in India, and due to this, many big players will be seen performing here through their performances. The big players will be seen performing in the Rishipal performance. The players’ names are coming, including Pat Cummins, and how Sunrisers Hyderabad’s bid is right for them. It will also be a big thing to see, and in the comments here, Rs 20 crores. The proposal that has been made is also a very big thing for them, and the way Australia is playing such a huge village against the bowlers, it is in any way a big challenge for the Indian teams because those players have been consistently playing against India in the past. His performance, even in the World Cup, is very good, and it was because of his innings in the World Cup that he was included in the team, and in the same manner, he is being appreciated. Are spending a lot of money

Big changes can happen inside the IPL.

This time in IPL, a big change can be seen in the rules, in which a big thing is being said here regarding the substitution of players because somehow, the changes they made last time were also liked by the people more. It did not come, and it did not prove to be effective for the teams in any way, after which, this time, a new rule can also be used. Still waiting for BCCI to announce the rules. Abhishek did not think it was right to talk about the rules in any way yet, but she could tell the authorities about this very quickly, and the changes within the rules could also be done very quickly. There is an even bigger thing for him, and he will make every possible effort to make IPL successful in any way that will prove him very good. In any way, IPL can compete with the world’s biggest league here and be taken even higher.

Even within the Indian team, the big players who were there had their first bids, but many players were also traded here. Hardik Pandya’s trade was the biggest, and Hardik Pandya was given a new contract by Mumbai Indians. He was made the captain, after which Rohit Sharma was removed from the captaincy post, but the franchise has taken the biggest decision of this kind. How can the members of their team somehow dominate themselves there? How will he take this decision? It will be great to see the questions he has raised on Rohit Sharma’s captaincy. Rohit Sharma also looked very unhappy about it, but Rohit Sharma will still be seen playing for Mumbai Indians. Next year, when there is a mega option, it will be known the possibility that which players are bought by people here, and some players will be purchased, thereby paying maximum money, and that player is still seen playing for this team.