Tips on how to stay fit.

Most people who work doing repetitive services for 8 hours a day, end up not developing healthy and fit habits. They often spend even more time at work than at home. This factor is, in most cases, what triggers very stressful and stressful situations. In addition to being harmful to health, they generate a cycle that negatively influences the daily performance.

Having a stressful routine contributes to the emergence of emotional illnesses, such as depression or anxiety, in addition to physical ailments, such as insomnia, high blood pressure, among others. Having well-being makes you more dedicated to work and more productive, in addition to being fit.

For this not happen, there are some essential healthy habits that can be adopted to improve well-being in life and, consequently, making you work better and happier and stay fit.

1. Exercise.

Movement is great medicine, for the physical and also for the soul, everyone agrees, from the most expert to the profane. Carve out moments to devote to your body. Just a walk at a good pace for 30 minutes is enough.

If you succeed every day, it is perfect, otherwise at least three times a week, but find out what your sport is, and everything will be simpler.

2. Eat healthily.

Our food determines the energy we will have to spend the day, how we will relate to activities and even people. Working for long periods usually causes poor eating habits to be created. Whether for lack of time or convenience, eating what is most affordable, even if it is processed foods and junk foods, ends up becoming a simple solution.

However, solving hunger in this way will only bring more problems. If the diet is not varied, the amount of nutrients necessary for you to be healthy will not be provided, causing diseases related to nutritional deficiency.

Having a good breakfast, eating small portions several times a day, cherishing natural and fresh food, not skipping meals, among other simple actions are fundamental to your good mood, your energy and quality of life.

3. Meditate.

The practice of techniques that seek to put the individual on the path of meditation is extremely healthy, healing and therapeutic. Meditation is the awareness that emerges by paying attention purposefully in the present moment, without judging the unfolding of experiences moment by moment.

It is a journey based on observation, a practice to find stillness in the middle of activities, to find a centrality even though you are listening, seeing, smelling and tasting.

Practicing meditation or using mindfulness techniques is among healthy habits and helps to quiet your mind, improving concentration and relaxation, develop creativity, imagination and resilience.

It also helps to learn to breathe in stressful situations, improve self-esteem and train self-discipline, decrease anxiety, sleep better and improve the immune system. Start by practicing silence for five minutes once a day and you can already see the effects of this on your routine.

4. Purification.

One day a week, do a light purification diet among the many available, not with the aim of losing weight but to “cleanse” the body of waste and various residues that we produce every day due to habits and incorrect nutrition. It also helps our skin, therefore improves aesthetics, to feel fit inside and out.

5. Drink water.

It seems simple, but the vast majority of the population does not drink the necessary amount of water for the activities of the body. Maintaining the necessary hydration makes the brain remain productive and active, in addition to bringing benefits such as control of blood pressure, protection of the heart, improved functioning of the intestine, transport of nutrients, absorption of vitamins, among many others.

Try to keep a bottle of water always full near your work environment. If you are not in the habit of drinking water, activate an alarm to remind you every 1 hour or use apps that help with this function.

6. One gift per day to the soul.

If you have a tormented soul, you will never feel in perfect shape. Let’s give each moment a moment for the spirit—nothing expensive indeed, 99% for free. Hear your favorite song, call a friend and have a chat, read a few pages of a book, meet a friend for a beer, eat a bar of chocolate.

If, on the other hand, you want to invest even a little, buy yourself a nail polish, a piece of clothing, an object for the home, a massage, a bouquet of flowers. Even these gifts can be among the tricks to be always in shape, gratify yourself.

7. Sleep well and have a quality sleep.

Sleeping poorly is extremely harmful to health. Scientific studies prove that a bad night’s sleep has consequences in our attention, in the weakening of the immune system, in the uncontrolled emotions, it generates memory problems, increases risks of diseases such as stroke, obesity, cancer and heart disease.

To cherish a good quality of sleep is to have a better and longer life. Create healthy habits at bedtime. Try to stay away from digital devices a few hours before sleep, eat light foods at night and practice turning off your mind from meditation to sleep more easily and better.

8. Smile.

It is not a joke, smiling helps to feel good and if reciprocated, even more. From the neighbor to the travel companion, to the office colleague, to the bartender, whoever you meet deserves your smile, even those who do not reciprocate it. A good mood is a great tool for feeling good, and it is the most visible of the tricks to keep fit.

In conclusion,

Are you aware of all the time you spend sitting? At work, at home on the couch, in the car, during a meeting, or even just looking at the phone. It’s no secret that most of us spend more time sitting than moving, which is bad for our health.

The good news is that you can do something to solve it: adding small blocks of activity throughout the day will help one get fit.