Twitter Blue before the end of November in India: Estimated price, what you’ll receive and don’t get, and other information

Elon Musk just made it quite apparent that users of Twitter will need to pay $8 in order to keep their verified tags. In a post, the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, wrote, “Trash me all day, but it’ll cost $8.” The cost of Twitter verification will be charged. “Power to the people! Twitter’s present lords & peasants’ system for determining who has or doesn’t have a blue checkmark is garbage. Blue costs $8 per month. The emergence of Twitter Blue in India has been the main cause for anxiety since this. It seems imminent—perhaps this month. When a user by the name of Prabhu tagged Musk and asked when Twitter Blue would launch in India, Musk responded, “Hopefully, less than a month.” Before the end of November, Twitter Blue will be available in India. Here is the estimated cost, a list of everything you get and don’t get, and other details.

Twitter Blue: What is it?

With the monthly membership service Twitter Blue, you have exclusive access to premium features that let you personalize your Twitter experience. Twitter Blue may currently be purchased in-app on iOS and Android devices, as well as through in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Other countries, like India, do not currently offer the Twitter Blue paid subscription option. As was already mentioned, it is most likely to make its debut in India this month.

What verified account is like right now and what’s altering it For those who are unaware, using Twitter’s blue checkmark to confirm a user’s legitimacy is free. The social media site’s blue checkmark next to a user’s username indicates that Twitter has verified that the account belongs to the user or to the organization/company claiming it. The same is currently free. Anyone who wants their account confirmed going ahead will have to pay. Twitter Blue will include the verified account.

How much will Twitter Blue cost in India?

Twitter has not yet revealed Twitter Blue subscription costs by nation. Musk stated that the price will be modified by nation proportionate to purchasing power parity while discussing pricing. Therefore, it is expected to cost between Rs 200 and 300 in India.

The arrival of Twitter Blue

According to the app, Twitter Blue will provide the following in addition to the verified blue tick:

  • Better advertisements and half as many: As a thank you for helping Twitter fight the bots, we’ll give you half as many ads that are twice as relevant.
  • Upload longer videos: Twitter will now allow you to upload longer videos.
  • Importance ranking for quality content: Search, responses, and mentions will give your content top priority. As a result, the visibility of bots, spam, and scams is decreased.

Will users with verified accounts be required to pay?

Yes, Twitter Blue now includes the verified blue tick. This implies that paying customers who want verified profiles must do so.

Will the $8 cost be the only need to obtain a verified account?

As of right now, it is unclear what else users must do to join Twitter Blue than pay the membership cost. However, in the case of public profiles, documentation will undoubtedly be needed. In the next days, information should become available.