US’s leaders must respect Indian diversity

The different leaders of the world have come together in support of India after the former President of the United States of America Baarack Obama has criticized the Indian policies with respect to tackling the issue of Indian Muslims at the Global platform of the United Nations. This particular statement has been now issued by the previous commissioner of the United States Commission on international freedom and this particular statement has been supported by other international Leaders because they also feel that it was not right for the president of The United States of America to criticize the Indian policies specially win India has been opting a Delhi tolerant attitude towards the Muslims despite the possessing issue of terrorism.

It is important to understand that India is a secular country and despite even having a lot of issues with Pakistan it has given shelter to a lot of Muslims all throughout the country and not only it has given shelter but has also extended a lot of fundamental rights to the people over the period of time. In fact the policies of India must be complemented because they have been able to stand out in this whole world and leave a great impression upon the people at large.

It is important to note that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a great leader who has been in the position to introduce bitter changes over the period of time in the whole country as a whole. The accusation by the leaders of the United States of America that he is not protecting the Rights of the minorities is completely wrong. The way in which Muslims have been protected in the country which is majorly governed by the Indians is something which has to be noted over the period of time. In such a situation it becomes important to understand that the time has come for the people to understand the reality and not believe in the claims by the Muslims according to whom India is doing nothing for them. As a country India has always been in the position to provide for better opportunities over the period of time and also get into consideration every thing that is for the benefit of the entire country but this situation is critically out of control for the time being and something has to be done about it as soon as possible.

India has been able to represent the world that good policies are always something which attract a lot of Criticism and this has been evidence with what has happened with India over the period of time but India is ready with its own replies that will help to establish that it deserves to be called a secular Nation in true sense of being because it is not easy for a country to accepted Enemies so easily and provide them all the fundamental rights which the citizens of the country over the period of time without any discrimination as it is a part of a constitution.