Vande bharat express to run to Uttarakhand

In order to improve the condition of the Indian Railways the Indian government has finally decided to launch new trains which have been completely built in India and they run on Indian engines and not on the foreign engines. Vande Bharata Express is the latest train that has been launched by the Indian Railways in this regard. It is important to know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be launching another of this kind of train that will be running all the way to Uttarakhand. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate this particular train through video conferencing on 25th May. According to the sources this particular train will run from New Delhi to Dehradun and vice versa. This will be the 5th train that will be launched in the country of India. The previous performance of the train has been amazing in comparison to the other trains which run on the following engines. It is definitely a proud moment for the entire country and the ministry of Railways has promised that the network of the trains will be improved over the period of time with the help of these high class trains.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister will also attend this event. This train is definitely an Ultra modern version of the existing trains. Not only this but also this train is very fast and is able to offer state of the art facilities to the passengers. Different ministers have also agreed to attend this event. This particular train will be operational from June and will be able to cover the designated distance of 100 KM in less than an hour. This will be the perfect train for the daily passengers. This is a high speed train with a propulsion system that will help to control all kinds of accidents and will also insure the safety of the passengers at all costs. This is a faster and a more comfortable train as compared to other types of trains and that is why the demand of the train is increasing over the period of time and the availability is also increasing.

The particular train has been designed in order to offer the most comfortable experience to all the passengers over the period of time so that they do not prefer foreign trains and demand privatisation of the Indian Railways. This has been an incredible journey for the Indian Railways and after a very long period of time it has been able to develop its own engine after receiving investment from countries such as the United States of America and Japan. The government will also help to understand that these benefits will be made for the citizens of the country so that the enjoy the public service and also witness the development of the government over the period of time