Virat Kohli understands when to go aggressive and when to play it safe: Dravid, Rahul

Virat Kohli’s knowledge of the game of cricket will never be questioned. He always adjusts to the playing conditions and changes his game depending on the situation.

Head coach Rahul Dravid was particularly pleased by Kohli’s ability to alter gears depending on the scenario and sustain his effort during training.

Kohli was chastised for his extended lean spell, but the former captain recovered form during the Asia Cup in the UAE earlier this year. He also scored his 44th ODI century last week, surpassing Ricky Ponting’s 71 international hundreds.

In a video posted by the BCCI on its website, Dravid stated, “He (Virat) understands when to be aggressive and when to manage the game, it’s fantastic to see and a positive omen for us if he can build up.”

“Virat has a fantastic 50-over cricket game plan. His track record is self-evident. The amount of games he’s played is incredible.”

Whether he is in form or not, Kohli’s training effort never wavers, according to Dravid, and the team’s younger players may take note of it.

“He is pushing out as hard as I have ever seen him because he believes he is on his way back.”

. Watching him train over the past year, it has stood out to me as something that never changes, whether he is doing well or poorly, and that is a terrific lesson for many of the young players in the squad “Dravid remarked.

The former Indian batter said that as the competition for last positions in the World Test Championship heats up, teams have grown more aggressive and are striving for outcomes.

“Teams have already been more aggressive recently, and there have been many more successes. Now that the World Test Championship points are at stake, teams are competing much harder for outcomes.”

For teams to be successful in Test cricket, according to Dravid, they must be flexible in all circumstances.

“I still think that adaptability will be important in Test cricket, the capacity to play aggressively when necessary… or you can play aggressively with the kind of squad you have or the position you find yourself in the game… and then the opportunity to play a difficult period or day of Test cricket, either with the bat or the ball and knuckle down and play some hard cricket.

“Donald is one of the finest players I’ve ever played,”

Allan Donald, the bowling coach for the hosts, has apologised to Dravid for insulting the Indian batsman during a 1997 tri-nation series game as India and Bangladesh square off in the two-match Test series.

“When I discuss one horrific incident that happened in Durban. David and Sachin were really dominating us. I somewhat went over the line. Rahul Dravid has my utmost respect without a doubt.” Rahul and I should have dinner together and I should apologise to him once more for what occurred that day. I simply had to do something foolish to get his attention.

“However, I still regret what I said that day. What a wonderful man, what a wonderful man. In order to spend a night out with you, Rahul, if you are listening, I would love to,” Donald remarked in an interview with Sony Sports Network. Dravid, on the other hand, praised the former pacer profusely and expressed a desire to consult with him.

He bowled quite well. He’s most likely the best player I’ve ever had in my career. It’s much nicer to see you like this without a ball in your hand on top of your mark with the sunscreen on your face, I must admit, as I see him now and greet him at the ground.

He was an excellent fast bowler and a frightening one. He has gone on to become a very successful coach, working with many young fast bowlers, so I would want to hook up with him and discuss about fast bowling.

We have a lot of young men as well, so it will be beneficial to listen to his advice. Simply having the opportunity to share the field with him is wonderful, according to Dravid.