Ways of dealing with J&K

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is definitely in the difficult position for the time being because everything is taking please out of console is a thing can be consol because once again a face of her second please between the security forces of Jammu and Kashmir and the other security forces of the terrorist organisation and once again the position of unstability as been created in the state for no definite reason. It is important to know that is seat of Jammu and Kashmir to come out of the problem with the future amount of success but this time it has not been possible for them to do so because the attacks by the other government to do realise the actual fact between everything that has been taking place for such a long period of time. It is for the people to decide that things are not that easy and it usually takes a lot amount of efforts to solve matters like this but it is only with the help of proper discuss V that it can be made possible to think of multiple factors in one go and also provide the solution which has not been provided by anyone else.

This good without saying that thing happened that complicated over the time and everything which has been taking places going to help the people in the long run but it depends upon the B in which everything will come back to its normal stands and things would also be promoted to the position in which they should be operating for the time being the cause the government basically once peace for the state of Jammu and Kashmir and that is why it had taken the major decision that give a special position to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and everything that has been taking place was extremely you make and had its own solution over the period of time. Thinking about all of you practice only make sense when we have to do something about something then but when we do not focus on how to solve them then play Slow pointed to think of all of these instances because they have been multiple instances on which things have moved out of control but with the help of time it becomes easy to monitor then one by one and it is not in the best and rest to think of everything in advance because it is going to get adjusted in these multiple.

It goes without saying that people are not in the best possible situation to find out ways but if things have been moving in the positive direction then automatically it will help them to become a better version of themselves in the times to come but people definitely need a kind of solution which would be helpful for them to accommodate easily if people do not find out ways to react in this way then automatically it will be causes about problem to them in the future. Independence a lot on the political environment which India has been subjected to but it is always the hope of the government that India becomes under dependent country in terms of finding out peace Treaty but if it is not happening anytime soul then it will be a difficult position for India to find out fees of getting out of this situation is known as possible. It is going to be a difficult call for a lot of people in the Roli with the help of time then sometimes can be done instantly about this factor because nothing is permanent in this world specially when it is going to help people to heat extent