What Google Said After Paying an Indian Fine of 936 Crore

Another setback for Google in India as the Competition Commission fines the tech giant a second time for abusing its market position to promote its payments service, this time for INR 936 crore. The entire amount of the fine now stands at 2,274 crore.


According to a tweet from ANI, Google stated on Wednesday that it remained committed to its users and developers and that the company’s business model had powered India’s digital transformation and answer to the second fine levied by India’s competition authorities was “increased access for hundreds of millions of Indians.


In a statement, Google claimed that the technology, security, consumer safeguards, and unmatched choice and flexibility that Android and Google Play offer have helped the Indian developers.


Android has increased options for everyone and supported thousands of globally and in India profitable enterprises. The CCI’s ruling is a significant setback for Indian consumers and businesses since it exposes those who rely on Android’s security measures to substantial security threats and drives up the price of mobile devices for Indians. A Google representative had stated on Friday that we would study the choice and determine the best course of action.


For app developers, the sale of in-app digital items is a crucial way to monetize their inventions and creations. Developers must set up their apps such that all digital goods purchases pass through Google’s payment system, which handles the transactions, in order for in-app purchases to be made by users.

By allowing alternative payment methods, Google’s monopoly will be broken, commissions will be decreased, and app developers would be able to lower their pricing and innovate more. The final winner will be the client, they said to ET.


The way Google regulates the smart TV industry in India is also the subject of a third investigation. The search engine giant stated that it will investigate legal alternatives after analysing the previous CCI order, which it had referred to as a significant setback for Indian customers and businesses. In regards to the second penalty, Google has not reacted.


Google has been given 30 days to submit the necessary financial information and supporting documentation. The fine, which is equal to about 7% of the business’s pertinent India sales, must also be paid by the company.