Woman from India to visit Pak

A video of a woman has become very famous on social media platform according to which she is going to Pakistani and the most important ofjective behind visiting the country is to meet the love of a life who is waiting in Pakistan and she has given any questions statement that she is going without any kind of pressure from her family and friends and she wants to meet her love it rest in Pakistani soon as possible before this only because he loves him a lot and order to visit Pakistan as soon as possible because she wants to teach the world at large the she is definitely a true lover and she is also issued a disclaimer that she is not like Seema who just went to Pakistan and converter to Islam but she has basically given an official statement that she will not only go to Pakistan but also maintain her individual identity as and Indian because she was born as Indian and will also die as Indian and she will do every thing that is possible for the people to reach a conclusion at the same point of time the first this is going to help out of the people in multiple ways and their is no way solution to get what ever they want and if things do not working this way then automatically she will come back to India because she loves her country .

She has also given a statement that she has got the power to reach the world a very strong lesson that there is no point in controlling your emotions because if you are emotions get consoled the automaticly it will become difficult for the government to reach the Conclusion and this is going to held the people to a great extent for finding out what is necessary and what is not because if things do not find the best possible solution will automatically it will be difficult for them to get a long with all of these factors over the time. In search a kind of situation it becomes important to understand that the efforts of the government in order to such kind of movements cannot be underestimated because it is definitely not with in the scope of the government to control all of this kind of situation though with the time because they cannot stop people from interacting in Pakistan but the government is trying to minimise the possibilities of love Jihad that has been taking placed happened to this at any cost because this will be a major loss of India.

People must try to avoid the situation to the maximum possibly extent because if the do not the not automatically it will become a bit difficult for them to comprehend the situation as soon as possible but it will be interesting to witness how things unfold over the period of time and the way in which this love turns out to be true for Anju because if it does not we will repeat itself in one more girl will fall a victim to all of this